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Backcountry Tiny Homes believes in helping others visual their ideas and dream homes. We build custom tiny homes on wheels that include both "Custom Tiny Homes" and "Changes to Existing Tiny Home Models". 

Before we can build your custom home we have to put together your plans. Your first step is to fill out out the survey that best suits your needs and send it back to us. See our build process timeline below for more information. Whatever you're thinking of, let's get started!

Custom Tiny Home Survey

Looking for a completely custom tiny home? You found the right place! Fill out our survey to get started. See our build process below.

Changes to Existing Tiny Home Model Survey

Love one of our existing tiny home models but hoping to change something? Fill out our survey to get started. See our build process below.


Interested in purchasing a custom tiny home with us? See what you can expect during your tiny adventure.
  • STEP 1:
    Fill out Survey 

    Fill out either our "Custom Tiny Home Model" or "Changes to Existing Tiny Home Model" survey. We will be in contact to set up your free 1-hour phone consultation.

  • STEP 2:
    Free 1-hour Phone Consultation

    Once you submit your survey, you can look forward to having a one on one phone conversation with our Owner, Tina, to go over each and every detail of your future custom tiny home. 

  • STEP 3:
    Plan Contract & Deposit

    After your phone call, we will send over a custom plan contract which includes our plan quote and your detailed specifications.   Sign and pay 50% deposit. If you choose to build with us, you do not owe the remaining 50%  deposit.

  • STEP 4:
    Approve Your Plans

    You will get a rough draft of your tiny home plans which includes the following. You will get a chance to redline your plans. Once you do, we will supply a certified build quote for your home. It is at this point you can elect to build with us or pass. If you pass, the remaining 50% plan fee is due upon deliverable delivery:  

    - Visual Floor Plans
    - Visual Interior Elevations
    - Visual Exterior Elevations
    - Visual Utility Locations
    - Framing 3D Model & Schedule (provided as final deliverable)

  • STEP 5:
    Build Contract & First Payment

    You chose to build with us! You will receive a certified build quote, build contract, and build schedule. Pay your first of three build payments. We will then start your build.

  • STEP 6:
    Build Second Payment

    Pay the second of three payments for your custom tiny home.

  • STEP 7:
    Build Inspection

    Your custom tiny home is complete! Conduct a walkthrough of your home with Backcountry Tiny Homes.  We will go through O&M, provide you your plan deliverables , and ensure you are satisfied with your new home.  Sign the final release waiver.   

  • STEP 8:
    Final Payment

    Once you sign your final release waiver, pay your third and final payment.

  • STEP 9:
    Professional Pictures!

    We provide a complimentary professional photography session with each custom build! These include interior and exterior pictures of your new home AND photoshoot of you (and any pets) with your new home!

  • STEP 10:
    Have a Tiny Adventure

    We are honored to be part of any tiny home dream and adventure and we hope that once your home is done you can confidently and excitedly start the next chapter of your life!