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Please see all of our frequently asked questions, with answers, below. Don't see your question? Contact us today!


A: Yes. See our custom tiny home page and fill out our "Changes to Existing Tiny Home Model Survey".

A: Yes. We offer delivery services. Contact us to see if you are within our delivery zone.

A: Yes. We offer shells and shells+utilities for all custom and available tiny home models. See our build services for more information.
A; Yes, we do! We offer build assist builds where our future tiny home owners have a chance to build their own home right along side our crew. We also offer up to $1,200 off the purchase of your home with each build assist build to cover your labor assistance.

A: No. We do not offer financing at this time. If you are unable to secure a personal bank loan, we suggest looking at third party online vendors. 

A: Yes. See our custom tiny home page and fill out our "Custom Tiny Home Model Survey".


A: Yes. We offer tiny home plans as part of our deliverables for custom and changes to existing tiny home models. But, these plans are only offered as part of a custom build. See our build services for more information. 

A: No. At this time, we do not offer tiny home plans for our available tiny home models.

A: No. We do not offer DIY tiny home plans at this time. See our DIY to Know page for more information.


A: Once you have bought your solo or dual dog crate table we can not accept returns or issue refunds. We do sell replacement panels for any part that your dog may have damaged as well as touch up kits. See our return policy or contact us today.

A: If you ordered your solo/dual dog crate table but have not yet confirmed your finishing options, we can issue a full refund. Once you have confirmed your finishing options, we can no longer issue refunds. See our return policy for more information.

A: It depends. If we have not begun construction on your custom crate we can accept color & finishing changes without a change fee. If we have begun construction on your custom crate, we can accept changes for a change order fee pending what work we have to redo to meet your new finishing option choices. If your custom crate has already shipped, we can no longer make changes. See our return policy.


A: See our return policy page for more information.

A: Yes! We're avid pet-lovers and we strive to include our best friends into our designs.

A: Yes! See our Visit Us page for more information.