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Are you a DIY builder looking to build your own tiny home on wheels? Not sure how to start your subfloor and attach your home? For those who would like a solid start to their tiny home without the start-up headache for their trailer and foundation prep, we offer trailer foundations!

Typical trailers are just that. Trailers. You still have to protect your home from insects, vermin, and moisture. You need to attach your home to the trailer. You need to choose the right insulation for fire protection. What about thermal bridging? How do you inset your floor to maximize your loft height? Let us worry about that.

Our foundations come with the trailer, floor framing, full insulation with vapor barrier, full trailer flashing belly pan, and flooring subfloor. We offer utility trailer foundations from 12-ft through 30-ft. We offer dual axle 10K trailers and triple axle 15K and 21K trailers and we offer different levels of insulation. Let us take the guesswork out of your first step towards your DIY tiny home. 

  • Specs
  • Foundation
  • Safety
  • Gift


Our foundations aren't just tiny home trailers, they're the starting point for your entire home.
Help us help you create a solid foundation for your DIY tiny home build.
Important specifications to know.

- 0.25-in wall structural tubing @ 24 O.C.
- 98" wide
- Marine-grade finishing paint
- 10K, 15K, or 21K trailer
- 12-ft to 30-ft (2-ft increments)
- Trailer subfloor is attached with 50+ GRK structural screws to ensure safe foundation connection to the trailer.
- (8) pre-drilled anchor point holes for future carriage-bolt connection to wall framing.
- Wheel well

Let us prepare you home foundation for you! 

- 2x6 wood floor framing
- metal flashing belly pan to protect against insects & vermin
- choice between R-23 Roxul and R-30 Closed Cell Spray Foam insulation
- Vapor Barrier
- Tongue and groove plywood subfloor

Safety is our #1 priority. 

- Trailer sidelights provided for future in-wall wiring.
- Trailer brakes for all individual wheels
- Trailer breakaway & safety chains installed
- Tongue trailer jack included
- We record a full walkthough video of us preforming safety checks on your trailer after completion to be included in your deliverable.

Every build is special to us.

- Either a big or a small build, we get to know our customers. To say thankyou for chosing us, we make handcrafed gifts for each person that purchases a trailer foundation with us! Each trailer foundation gift is always different.
- USB that contains copies of your Certification of Ownership & VIN number, pictures of your trailer foundation build, and walkthrough safety video..
- Towing your trailer foundation far or having us deliver it? We provide complimentary tarps! 


Utility Trailer Length (98" wide)Axle/GVWRInsulation TypePrice
12-ftDual/10KRoxul R-23$5,295
12-ftDual/10KClosed Cell Spray Foam R-30$6,888
14-ftDual/10KRoxul R-23$5,439
14-ftDual/10KClosed Cell Spray Foam R-30$7,203
16-ftDual/10KRoxul R-23$5,669
16-ftDual/10KClosed Cell Spray Foam R-30$7,203
18-ftDual/10KRoxul R-23$5,813
18-ftDual/10KClosed Cell Spray Foam R-30$7,347
20-ftDual/10KRoxul R-23$5,993
20-ftDual/10KClosed Cell Spray Foam R-30$7,527
20-ftTriple/15KRoxul R-23$6,583
20-ftTriple/15KClosed Cell Spray Foam R-30$8,117
22-ftTriple/15KRoxul R-23$6,231
22-ftTriple/15KClosed Cell Spray Foam R-30$7,706
22-ftTriple/15KRoxul R-23$6,821
22-ftTriple/15KClosed Cell Spray Foam R-30$8,296
24-ftDual/10KRoxul R-23$6,402
24-ftDual/10KClosed Cell Spray Foam R-30$7,877
24-ftTriple/15KRoxul R-23$6,992
24-ftTriple/15KClosed Cell Spray Foam R-30$8,467
26-ftTriple/21KRoxul R-23$7,196
26-ftTriple/21KClosed Cell Spray Foam R-30$8,612
28-ftTriple/21KRoxul R-23$7,375
28-ftTriple/21KClosed Cell Spray Foam R-30$8,791
28-ftTriple/21KRoxul R-23$8,673
28-ftTriple/21KClosed Cell Spray Foam R-30$10,089
30-ftTriple/21KRoxul R-23$8,844
30-ftTriple/21KClosed Cell Spray Foam R-30$10,260


To start the process of buying your future tiny home trailer foundation, pay a $100 non-refundable deposit today to hold your build time spot, no matter your trailer size or insulation choice. We have limited build space and holding your spot will ensure a quicker turnaround. The $100 will go towards your overall build cost when you sign a trailer foundation build contract within 2 weeks from the date you recieve your contract.

By paying the non-refundable $100 deposit you are agreeing you have read and agree to our:
Return Policy & DIY to Know

Once we recieve your $100 deposit, we will contact you within 48 hours to send you your contract. Not sure? Email us before purchase.

Have questions? Contact us today.