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“I go to nature every day for inspiration in the day’s work.” –Frank Lloyd Wright

Are you a DIY builder looking to start design plans for your future build? The great news is that you do not need to build with us to take advantage of our design plan services!  Scroll down below for more information.

Getting Started

No matter if you're looking for plans of one of our existing Mountain Series tiny homes or plans for a completely custom tiny home, we can do both! In order to get started, visit the "Our Services" page. It's there that we outline our design process timeline, pricing, and where you can fill out your Tiny Home Survey to get started!


Not quite ready to start the tiny home design process? Not a problem! Soak in some tiny home inspiration of other past custom homes we've built along with other designs we've been working on!

DIY Corner

Are you a DIY builder at heart? Stop by our DIY corner for tiny home tips and other helpful information!

Looking for an off-grid set up? Want to include pet-friendly elements? Visit our Off-Grid & Pet-Friendly FAQ page for more information!