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We are selling our 2018 Basecamp Floor Model for only $65,000. It comes fully furnished loaded with extras that make this home 25% off! We are currently finishing updating the flooring for this home and final pictures will be available soon. Some highlights are (scross down for a full spec sheet):
Roof Deck

Always had a roofdeck in your tiny home dreams? This home has you covered! WIth access from one of the bedroom lofts the roofdeck has removable railings and a  durable roofdeck for your next adventure. 

Beetlekill Pine Walls

Beetlekill is a gorgeous wood that has highlights of natural blues and texture that make your walls a statement piece!

Spray Foam Insulation

Plan to live in a colder environment? This home has closed cell spray foam for both the walls and roof that makes this home ready to go anywhere in the USA!

Two Bedroom Lofts

Have a family? Maybe you need extra storage? This home has a master loft and a secondary loft that is big enough to function as a second bedroom!