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We aren't just a tiny home builder. We offer (4) unique services! Find out more about our design, build, carpentry, and consulting services below. Need tiny home floor plans? We do that. Need a turn-key tiny home build? We got you covered. Are you DIY building and need a custom set of tiny home stairs constructed? We're here for you. Just need help with figuring out how to run your water lines on your own personal build? Contact us!

We want to be part of your adventure. Remember, we're not just builders, we're engineers, pet lovers, and tiny home owners who understand the challenges and rewards of going tiny!

  • Design Plans
  • Custom & Mountain Series Builds
  • Carpentry
  • Consulting


We offer comprehensive tiny home design services! No matter if you're interested in purchasing plans of one of our Mountain Series tiny homes or if you're looking to have custom plans drafted for your our build. We do it all! You do not have to build with us in order to do design plans as they are offered as a stand-alone option for those who need it. If you would like to see a design proces timeline, see below. Ready to get started? Fill out our Tiny Home Survey now! You can see a full list of pricing and deliverables for all of our design services below.
Design Floor Plans

If you're looking for floor plans for your future dream tiny home, look no further. You don't have to have a build with us to  have floor plans made. Each plan set is engineered for weight distribution, proper material useage per climate, and includes you every step of the way! See a full list of our plan set deliverables below.


For those home owners that want ultra-realistic renders of their future home, we offer light-traced renderings that bring 3D models to life!  Find out about our pricing below.

Design 3D Models

If you've completed a floor plan design with us we can take it one step further and provide a 3D model too! We will draw you, your pets, and any other family members right into your home to ensure height clearances for countertops and ceilings are just right. Let our 3D model bring your napkin sketch to life! See a full list of our 3D pricing below.

Construction Framing Plans

For those who need construction framing plans, we can offer those as well. We have (2) in-house engineers as well as additional licensed (P.E. & S.E.) engineers that can provide a set of construction framing documents and window/door schedules designed to your custom home. See a full ist of our framing plan deliverables below.


We offer comprehensive tiny home build services for custom tiny homes, changes to existing models, and our standard Mountain Series tiny homes! Our build services include turn-key, turn-key with build assist, shells, and shell + utility builds. In order for clients to go through our full build process, they start at the very begining with our design phase! During your design phase we can provide your a budgetary quote and ensure your home will meet all the required framing, ventilation, insulation, layout, and aesethic needs before you ever move onto the build itself.

Even if you're interested in having a custom built home or a home from our Mountain Series it's important that we have you start by filing out ou Tiny Home Survey which is the very first step to having a home built no matter your end goal. We absolutely offer custom changes to our Mountain Series tiny home designs as well. See the definition of each kind of build below and fill out your Tiny Home Survey today to get started!


Our Turn-Key builds are our start-to-finish full build service. After your design phase is complete we take care of the rest from utilities to framing to every interior detail. We construct the entire house to your specifications and offer delivery services.


Want to build your own home but don't feel 100% certain on framing, trailer prep, roofing, or more? We have you covered. After your design phase is complete we take care of the rest. Shell construction includes:

trailer prep
wall framing & sheathing
roof framing & sheathing
divider wall framing (if any)
loft framing & sheathing (if any)
house wrap
exterior siding (sealed)
windows & doors (sealed)

You finish the inside and install your own utilities!

Turn-Key with Build Assist

Looking to save money and get involved with your tiny home build? Our Build Assist builds are a great way to get more hands on experience with the construction of your tiny home! Live close to Oregon? Become part of our build team, learn valuable technical skills, see how your home is built, and actually EARN a labor aid discount as you work! Our build assist program is only for our turn-key builds. Maximum 100 earnable hours. Owner(s) may work more hours but cannot exceed the $1,200 cap for labor aid discount.

Shell + Utilities

For the DIY builders out there that want a shell but also want their utility lines run as well, our shell + utility builds are the way to go. It includes everything from the shell build plus the following:

electrical connections
plumbing connections
gas connections

Please note that connections do not include fixtures as those would need to be installed after you've completed your insulation and siding. Connections include water stub outs, electrical pigtails, and propane stub outs.


We offer in-house carpentry services for all of your tiny home furnishing needs. For all the DIY builders out there that are looking to have custom stairs, cabinets, crates, and other furniture made, let us be your seasoned professional! In order for us to provide a quote, we have to hear from you first about what you're looking for! To get started, fill out our Custom Carpentry Survey below.


Ever feel like you just need to speak to a tiny home professional about that one item in your own personal DIY build or home? Are standard licensed contractors just not understanding your needs? We do, by the hour, tiny home consulting! Here at Backcountry Tiny Homes we have a combined 25 years experience in the construction, carpentry, and engineering fields. We are engineers, carpenters, and contractors and we're here at your disposal to provide advice and guidance from utility hook-up questions to subcontracting services. To get started, reach out to us today and provide a detailed description of your consulting needs.



See what the process looks like for both our design and build clients below. Please keep in mind if you are doing design only that you would be stopping by STEP 8. For our build clients you will go all the way from STEP 1 through STEP 12. 
  • STEP 1: 
    Fill Out Tiny Home Survey

    [design phase]

  • STEP 2:
    Have 1-hour Design Consultation

    [design phase]

  • STEP 3 :
    Floor Plan Design Contract & Payment

    [design phase]

  • STEP 4:
    Floor Plan Revisions

    [design phase]

  • STEP 5:
    Floor Plan Deliverables & Budgetary Quote

    [design phase]

  • STEP 6:
    3D Model Design Contract & Payment

    [design phase]

  • STEP 7:
    3D Model Revisions

    [design phase]

  • STEP 8:
    3D Model Deliverables & Certified Quote

    [design phase]

  • STEP 10:
    Build Contract & 1st Payment

    [build phase]

  • STEP 10:
    2nd Payment

    [build phase]

  • STEP 11:
    3rd Payment (if applicable)

    [build phase]

  • STEP 12:
    Final Payment & Build Completion

    [build phase]